Imagine Us


Release Date: May 2011

ISBN 10: 0373861915

ISBN 13: 978-0373862115

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Imagine Us

Tempestuous Passion…Perfect Love?

Tempestuous Passion…
Neveah Symon has achieved success beyond anything the Houston native could have imagined. And when Xavier Mayne taps the world-famous artist to design a mural for his family-owned community center, her fame comes full circle. Except Neveah shares a stormy history with the former bad boy. Can she resist the suave and seductive entrepreneur’s sensual assault… and protect her heart this time around?

Perfect Love?
This up-from-the-street brother has never been able to stay away from the ambitious Texas beauty. Thirteen years apart has only made Xavier’s desire for Neveah even stronger…and hotter. Now that she’s come back home, he isn’t letting her get away again. Together, can they overcome the sins of the past and create their greatest masterpiece—a love meant to last for all time?


Imagine Us (4) by Maureen Smith: Everyone likes to read about second chances, and this novel reminds us that true love prevails over everything. Neveah Symon and Xavier Mayne shared a steamy and heartfelt love for six years, but Xavier’s rumored affairs and selfish ways caused the relationship to end. Thirteen years later, Neveah has returned from Africa to find Xavier a changed and mature man. However, remnants of the past haunt them both and threaten the future they long for.

—B. Nakia Garner, Romantic Times Magazine