Release Date: October 2009

ISBN 10: 0373861354

ISBN 13: 978-0373861354

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Touch of Heaven

Revenge is sweet…but desire is sweeter

Warrick Mayne has spent twelve years blaming Raina St. James for ruining his sister’s life. Now the self-made millionaire has got the perfect opportunity for payback—knocking down Raina’s luxury day spa to build an office complex. But his plan has met a hitch, in the delectable form of Raina herself.

He may be her enemy now, but long ago, Raina had a secret crush on her friend’s gorgeous older brother. And time has only enhanced Warrick’s appeal. When an innocent business trip to Warrick’s out-of-town estate turns unmistakably seductive, they succumb to their electrifying mutual attraction. But it’ll take more than one encounter of sensual healing—no matter how blissful—to open Raina’s and Warrick’s eyes to the passionate, heartbreaking truth.


Touch of Heaven (4.5) by Maureen Smith: Raina has loved Warrick since she was his youngest sister’s 10-year-old sidekick. When Raina doesn’t provide an alibi for her, however, his sister goes to prison while Raina goes to college. Fast forward 12 years. Warrick is a businessman and Raina owns a spa in the location where he wants to build a new office complex. When she turns down his offer to buy her building the negotiations begin, and Warrick falls for Raina, despite the uproar it causes in his family. Smith does a masterful job bringing Warrick and Raina from sworn enemies to lovers, and the trip is so intriguing the story is hard to put down! 

—Debbie R. SimsRomantic Times Magazine

Touch of Heaven takes you on a journey from enemies to lovers and the trip is so intriguing the book is very hard to put down. It challenges the notion of family loyalty, relationships, forgiving and second chances. A journey of drama, poignant humanity and heat makes Touch of Heaven, above all, a delightful and emotionally charged read. You will not be disappointed. 

—Anamaria AkinsRomance In Color


Romantic Times Magazine Top Pick

Emma Award Nominee for Book of the Year


After the publication of Touch of Heaven, I received so many requests for Warrick’s siblings’ stories that I decided to create the “Mayne Attraction” series, launched in May 2011 with Xavier Mayne’s book Imagine Us.