I’m pleased to announce that my award-winning debut novel, Ghosts of Fire, is now available as an ebook! Yes, I know it’s not the book many of you have been waiting for, and no, there are no Wolfs or Brands roaming through the pages of Ghosts of Fire. But for those of you who have been waiting to read my very first novel, here’s your chance to find out why Romantic Times called Ghosts of Fire “an exciting, quick moving story that does not allow for interruptions of any sort.”

The ebook is now on sale through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I’m working on uploading it to Kobo, Sony, Apple, etc., so please stay tuned. Ghosts of Fire will only be re-released as an ebook. If you don’t own an ereader, you can download the Kindle app right onto your computer. It’s easy!

Ghosts of Fire was originally published in 2002. Of course, my writing has changed a lot since then and my love scenes are much, ahem, steamier now than they were back then. But I still think Ghosts of Fire is a great story, and I sincerely hope you’ll think so too!

As an added bonus, I included the first two complete chapters from Seducing the Wolf at the end of Ghosts of Fire. Is that enough incentive for ya? LOL!

Thanks for your continued support, everyone! Happy reading!

Love always,