A Naomi Chase Series Prequel


Publisher: Wordsmith Enterprises

Release Date: September 2016

Format: Ebook

Sometimes you have to look back to move forward…

Before Tamia Luke met Brandon Chambers, she was a popular porn star hustling to make a better life for herself. With the money she earned as the masked submissive known as Mystique, she put herself through college and started saving for her future. Just because she came from nothing doesn’t mean she has to settle for anything.

Several years later, a chance encounter with a handsome powerhouse attorney gives her a taste of the glamorous life she’s always wanted. But how far will she have to go to make her dreams a reality?

Born into a life of power and privilege, Brandon knew from an early age what was expected of him: to uphold the Chambers family name, marry his social equal, and conquer the world. As a rising star in the legal community, he’s on his way to carving out his own legacy. And then he meets Tamia—and his whole universe is turned upside down. Tamia is the total package—beautiful, sexy, smart, and ambitious. Although she rocks Brandon’s world, he senses that she’s hiding something from him. But he doesn’t realize the depths of her deception until it’s too late….

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