Over the past week, I’ve received emails from a few readers who asked me, “Who are the Morehouse Nine?” *shocked gasp* Seriously? How can you call yourself a true Wolf Pack fan if you don’t know who the Morehouse Nine are??? Do I need to revoke your Wolf Pack fan card?

Just kidding! LOL.

To clear up the mystery, I decided to blog about the Morehouse Nine and provide brief character profiles of each member. The Morehouse Nine is a group made up of Michael Wolf’s college friends. The fellas were first introduced in Tempt Me at Midnight, then were mentioned in the reissued edition of Taming the Wolf. They also appeared prominently in my novella, A Holiday Affair, in the Merry Sexy Christmas anthology with Beverly Jenkins and Kayla Perrin. (This is also the story that featured Lexi’s younger brother Colby Austin and Ava Cameron, for those who may have been wondering.)