Release Date: May 2007

ISBN 10: 037386017X

ISBN 13: 978-0373860173

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A Guilty Affair

You can’t hide from desire

Journalist Riley Kane has long suspected that the death of her fiancé, Trevor, a San Antonio police officer, was not a simple accident. The only person who can uncover the truth about Trevor is his former partner, Noah Roarke. But thoughts of Noah fill Riley with guilty longing.

Noah kept his distance from beautiful, tempting Riley while Trevor was alive. Now she’s back, in his office…and in his arms. Blindsided by the heat that surges between them, Noah tells himself that the sooner he helps Riley find closure, the sooner she can leave town. But getting her out of his system—and out of his heart—won’t be that easy.


Maureen Smith does an excellent job of creating in-depth, well-developed characters in A Guilty Affair (4.5). One is deceased as the story begins, but his personality, conflicts and issues are integral to the book. Journalist Riley Kane is investigating the mysterious death of her police officer fiancé Trevor. She asks for help from private investigator Noah Roarke, who was Trevor’s best friend and who secretly loves Riley. Not only is he dead set against her plan, he’s battling his feelings toward Riley. The overwhelming guilt they feel for living their destiny and the surprising results surrounding Trevor’s life are revealed in splendid detail and precision.

—Debbie R. SimsRomantic Times Magazine

A Guilty Affair is a thoroughly satisfying read and Maureen Smith is a memorable, delightful author!

—ElizabethFallen Angel Reviews

A Guilty Affair is one of those books that does everything right. The characters are likeable, the story moves at a brisk pace, and the chemistry between the hero and heroine is red hot. The story is old-fashioned in the best sense; A Guilty Affair has good, solid writing that makes a familiar premise still interesting.

—Nickole YarbroughRomance Reviews Today


eHarlequin Top 10 bestseller


One of my favorite themes in romance fiction is secret, unrequited love. Noah had it so bad for Riley that I couldn’t wait to get to the end of the story so that I could put him out of his misery!