Love Worth Waiting For
A Legal Affair

A Legal Affair

An Affair Series Novel

Publisher: Harlequin/Kimani
Release Date: December 2006
Formats: Ebook and Paperbook

ISBN 10: 1583147926
ISBN 13: 978-1583147924

Let the affair begin…

Caleb Thorne was used to having plenty of female attention. And yet the hot young law professor had never crossed the line with a student until he met Daniela. There was something different about her–with her fierce attitude, ambition and to-die-for body. Something he was determined to uncover, layer by silky layer….

Private investigator Daniela Roarke knew she was in over her head the minute she saw her mark. Caleb Thorne wasn’t just fine, he was gorgeous. And although getting close to Caleb could finally mean busting his no-good father, Daniela knew she was just an amateur at the game of seduction. And now both her cover and her heart were in jeopardy.

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