Whatever You Need (PART 2 ONLY)


**If you’ve already read Part One (previously released), you can purchase Part Two (the story picks up where the first half ended). If you haven’t read Part One, you will purchase the Complete Book (Parts 1 & 2).**

As a publicist for an elite escort agency, no one does damage control better than Morgan Morrison. She’s good at fixing things—except when it comes to her own personal life. After a string of disastrous relationships, she’s finally found the perfect guy—a handsome, charming, successful attorney who makes her feel safe. So why does she find herself fighting a dangerously irresistible attraction to notorious playboy River Brand?

A self-made millionaire with tattooed biceps and a passion for classic cars, River has earned every inch of his bad-boy reputation. From the moment he and Morgan meet, the sexual chemistry between them is off the charts. After a wildly intoxicating encounter on a tropical island, he can’t get Morgan out of his mind—and she’s having the same problem.

River is determined to convince Morgan that they belong together. Will explosive secrets from their pasts tear them apart—or drive them into each other’s arms like never before?

**All Sales Are Final-No Refunds**

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Q) Which version should I purchase?
A) Whatever You Need is offered in two versions: the Complete Book and Part Two. If you’ve already read Part One (previously released), you can purchase Part Two (the story picks up where the first half ended). If you haven’t read Part One, you will purchase the Complete Book.

Q) I’m used to buying books from online bookstores such as Amazon. How does this new process work?
A) I’m using a service called BookFunnel to deliver the book to readers. When you purchase Whatever You Need, BookFunnel will send you a private link to download the book. The file is watermarked and encrypted to prevent sharing and piracy.

Q) Which formats are available?
A) All ereader formats are available (EPUB, MOBI)

Q) Is the book available in paperback or audio?
A) Not at this time. Ebook only.

Q) Once I purchase the book, how do I download the file?
A) Once your payment is processed, you will receive an email message from BookFunnel to download your book. Please read and follow the instructions for obtaining your file.

Q) Who should I contact if I have trouble downloading the file?
A) BookFunnel is delivering the book to readers. It may take a few steps depending on your reading device. If you have trouble, please click the Help link at the top of the book’s download page or email help@bookfunnel.com. BookFunnel’s support team will walk you through the steps.

Q) What are some common “errors” that I might encounter when trying to download the book?
A) Check out this helpful guide provided by BookFunnel

Q) Will you be handling payments?
A) No. All payments are securely processed through PayPal. I will not be handling any payments or transactions, so please do not contact me.

Q) What form of payment do you accept?
A) PayPal or credit cards

Q) Will you accept returns?
A) No. Once you purchase the book, the sale is final and nonreturnable. No refunds will be given under any circumstances.

Q) What if I don’t like the book? Can I request a refund?
A) I truly hope you’ll enjoy Whatever You Need! But if for any reason you’re unsatisfied, I will not be issuing refunds. Please do not contact me for a refund; your request will be denied. Additionally, if you contact me using verbally abusive language, your email address will be blocked. ALL SALES ARE FINAL—NO EXCEPTIONS!

Q) Why are you enforcing a no-refund policy?
A) I strongly believe that all artists deserve to be compensated for their time, hard work, and talent. When you purchase downloadable music or movies, they’re nonrefundable. I think ebooks should be nonrefundable as well, and I make no apologies for that.

Q) Can I loan the book to a friend?
A) I’m afraid not. When you purchase Whatever You Need, the book will be registered to you (the buyer) with your email address. Your book is watermarked and encrypted to prevent file sharing and piracy. Please respect my copyrighted work.