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Released: January 2012

ISBN: 0615599583

Available Formats: EBOOK and TRADE PAPERBACK

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Can Stan and Prissy’s Love Survive the Inferno?

High school sweethearts Stan and Prissy Wolf have been happily married for fifteen years. They have everything they could ever want—a beautiful home, five children that they adore, rewarding careers and a sizzling chemistry that hasn’t diminished over the years. But, lately, Prissy has noticed a change in her sexy firefighter husband. She doesn’t want to believe the worst—that he’s having an affair. But his recent behavior is too suspicious to ignore.

As a silent chasm grows between them, Prissy fears that Stan’s secret will soon destroy the life they have built together….


Maureen Smith has a special gift with words.

Brenda JacksonNew York Times & USA Today bestselling author

Maureen Smith‘s Inferno took residence on my e-reader, and between a late-night read and during my son’s doctor’s appointment the next day, I finished the book. I did manage to look up when the doctor talked to me (before anyone calls child services). This story was that good.

High school or college sweethearts is one of the popular foundations of romance novels. Using this premise, Smith provides a prequel to highlight one of the parents in her Wolf Pack series. Set in the 1980s, high school sweethearts Stan and Prissy Wolf already have been happily married for 15 years with a healthy romantic relationship… sizzling, mega-hot, seduction alert.

The Wolf family seems to have everything: a beautiful home, five rambunctious boys, thriving careers. Yet there are visible fractures when Stan Wolf separates his family from another part of his life, causing suspicions of infidelity to fall on him. Prissy has too much evidence of failed marriages all around her not to suspect the worst, especially when she catches her husband in a lie.

Within this richly woven tale, there is also a tender love story between the eldest son, Manning, and his high school friend, Taylor. Smith doesn’t pull any punches with the realities of teenage love (so don’t expect picture-perfect, Leave It to Beaver conduct). Yet, I found this story-within-a-story so real and beautiful that I wonder if Smith might not try her hand at young adult fiction.

As the emotional crisis builds between the Wolf parents, their limits are tested. Choices have to be made that carry weighty consequences. Smith constantly tests her characters’ passions, pushing and stretching them to live up to their labels, as hero and heroine, as husband and wife, as a father and mother.

By the end, the continuation of the Wolf Pack series has been laid out with more endearing stories to follow. Smith has been published since 2002 with 19 novels in her portfolio. She writes romance, romantic suspense and women’s fiction with Kensington, Harlequin Kimani Press, and under her own company, Wordsmith Enterprises. My advice: Keep an eye on Maureen Smith. She is a master crafter of sensually robust, endearing, and page-turning romantic fiction.

—Michelle Monkou, USA Today