Kimani Arabesque

Released: October 2012

ISBN-10: 0373534876

ISBN-13: 978-0373534876

Anthology with Beverly Jenkins, Kayla Perrin and Maureen Smith

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Merry Sexy Christmas

A Holiday Affair
by Maureen Smith

Over the holidays, Atlanta attorney Ava Cameron is dumped, depressed…and primed for a one-night stand with sexy stranger Colby Austin. How is she to know he will end up being opposing counsel on a major case—and the best mistake she has ever made?


This completely satisfying collection of love stories leaves nothing to the imagination. Short stories can be short on details, but each of these entries manages to portray relationships that are believable and evocative. Smith revisits friends of the Wolf family in A Holiday Affair, as law partner Colby has a steamy encounter with Ava. When the two turn out to be adversaries in court, they give new definition to having a conference in chambers.

—Jacqui McGuginsRomantic Times Magazine


My novella, A Holiday Affair, features Ava Cameron and Colby Austin, the younger brother of Lexi Austin (Tempt Me at Midnight). The story includes cameo appearances by Michael and Marcus Wolf, Quentin and Lexi, and a detailed introduction to the Morehouse Nine.