Whisper My Name


Original Release Date: June 2007

Re-release Date: January 2015

ISBN 10: 0758214324

ISBN 13: 978-0758214324

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Whisper My Name

Caught in a web of desire and danger…

Detective Sebastien Durand can’t believe that the beautiful woman he sees in a café is the one woman who can help him. He needs Francesca Purnell’s expertise to find a serial killer. Sebastien tries to ignore the instant, undeniable attraction between them. Yet the more he resists, the more he wants Francesca…

Professor Francesca Purnell knows she must help the sexy detective in his search for the murderer who’s been stalking the streets of San Antonio, marking each one of his female victims with a mysterious spider tattoo. Working by Sebastien’s side, Francesca soon gives in to a passion she’s never felt before. But their relationship is in jeopardy. For their target has his sights on Francesca—and he’s bent on trapping her in his deadly web…


Smith’s latest (after Weapon of Seduction) follows a serial killer who marks his victims with a spider tattoo before brutally murdering them. Det. Sebastien Durand of San Antonio is assigned to the initial murder case, and soon seeks the help of entomology professor Francesca Purnell to help him identify the type of spider tattooed on the victim. Francesca identifies the spider as a Mexican arachnid that is “supposed to be cursed.” When an acquaintance of Francesca’s falls victim to the killer, Sebastien and Francesca are drawn closer together, and soon the intensity of the murder investigation gives way to romance. Danger and unexpected familial complications follow, as do a barrel of red herrings and a host of likely suspects. With a deft touch and solid cast of characters, Smith gives equal credence to spicy romance and nail-biting suspense on her way to an explosive conclusion.

—Publishers Weekly

Smith does a masterful job in striking a perfect balance between romance and suspense in her work. Some people may commit the adage of solely judging the book based on its cover and leave it on the store’s shelf — don’t be one of them and shortchange yourself. Smith’s writing is crisp, the plot enticing and the characters have believable back stories — all the ingredients a paperback novel needs to earn a place on your “must-read” list this summer.

—Vincent BosquezSan Antonio Express News

Smith writes a high-intensity story. The interesting plot spotlights her creativity and talent as a suspenseful romance storyteller and author. Summary: Sebastien Durand is a detective looking for a serial killer in San Antonio. The murderer leaves a strange calling card on his victims — a spider tattoo — that sends Sebastien back to school. Francesca Purnell is a entomologist at the local university and the only person who can help solve these murders. Their collaboration extends past the case as they discover a fiery hot chemistry. It also leaves one of them at the mercy of a killer.

—Eleanor ShieldsRomantic Times Magazine


First novel reviewed by a major newspaper
(San Antonio Express-News)

Emma Award Nominee for Favorite Romantic Suspense


I’ve always been terrified of spiders. To help me get over my arachnophobia, I thought it would be therapeutic to write a book that featured a serial killer who was obsessed with spiders. While writing Whisper My Name, a black widow spider took up residence in a corner of my front porch. But a day after I finished writing the book, the black widow mysteriously vanished. It was as if it had never been there at all. Was the spider merely a figment of my overactive imagination? You decide…