Ghosts of Fire


Publisher: Wordsmith Enterprises
Original Release Date: August 2013
Format: Ebook

Caught in a fiery web of danger and desire…

Graphic designer Rachel Calloway is devastated when her father’s popular restaurant is torched by an arsonist. Just when she thinks the nightmare can’t get any worse, her father is charged with the unspeakable crime. Rachel knows he’s innocent and she’ll do anything to prove it. Little does she know how soon her loyalty will be tested when she crosses paths with Nicholas Hunter, the notoriously ruthless attorney prosecuting her father’s case…

Nick Hunter is hungry for justice, a man made cynical by the horrors he experienced in childhood. He believes in the absolute guilt of each criminal he prosecutes and shows mercy to no one…until he encounters Rachel Calloway, the first woman ever to make him question his convictions. From the moment they meet, a forbidden attraction sizzles between them that neither can ignore.

But danger lurks in the shadows. Suddenly nothing in Rachel’s world is as it seems, and it isn’t long before she finds herself in the biggest fight for her heart…and her life.

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