Weapon of Seduction


Publisher: Wordsmith Enterprises
Original Release Date: May 2016
Format: Ebook

Love can be dangerous

It’s a good thing FBI agent Korrine Friday didn’t arrest that nosy stranger who appeared at the crime scene she was processing, because (A) he’s Rafe Santiago, her new supervisor at the FBI field office in San Antonio, and (B) he’s gorgeous. As it turns out, the Riverwalk murder she’s investigating is linked to a powerful secret society whose members don’t like the FBI sniffing around, and before long, Korrine and Rafe are also marked for death. It seems the only safe place for them is Rafe’s secluded ranch, nestled deep in Texas Hill Country…

As things heat up between them, Korrine’s not sure she’s ready to risk a relationship with Rafe. Not only is he her boss, but she’s still grieving the recent death of her father and trying to set things right with the rest of her family. But the temperature between her and Rafe keeps rising—and so does the killer’s body count. The case gets personal when the next victim targeted is someone close to Korrine. Suddenly she finds herself trapped by a sadistic killer who wants her dead—and has horribly specific ideas about how to do it…

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