Happy November!

As promised, Be With Me is now available for preorder on Amazon! I’ve received many requests for the continuation of the Ecstasy Island series. Unfortunately, in the five years since Stay With Me was published, I haven’t earned much money from the book (real talk). I love the series, the feedback has been wonderful, and I have great ideas for the remaining books. But I can’t afford to spend time working on a sequel that won’t be profitable. So if you guys realllly want the series to continue, cast your vote by preordering Be With Me. If I receive a sufficient number of preorders by November 29, I will happily continue the Ecstasy Island series (but NOT before Yes, Captain is released). If the preorders are lackluster…well, folks, I’m moving on to the next project. No ifs, ands, or buts!

I want to thank each and every one of you who purchased Whatever You Need. It was very important to me to fulfill my promise to loyal readers who bought Part One. Whether you purchased the Complete Book or Part Two, I hope you enjoyed the story and felt it was worth the wait. I truly appreciate your love and support!

Delivering Whatever You Need via BookFunnel was a new experience for many of us, and new experiences can often be scary and frustrating. With few exceptions, you guys were polite and patient with the process, and I really appreciate that. I provided FAQs to answer as many questions as possible (although Mr. Smith warned me that most people wouldn’t read them, lol). If you’re experiencing technical difficulty, please email BookFunnel at help@bookfunnel.com. Their support team will troubleshoot any problems you’re having and walk you through the steps for downloading your book. There’s absolutely NO reason any of you should be unable to download your purchased book.

I’ve been asked whether I will release any more books through BookFunnel, and the answer is yes. I plan to rerelease Whatever You Like and Any Way You Want It through BookFunnel, as well as other backlist titles. New books will be released as normal through Amazon, B&N, iBooks, and Kobo.

Look, I love Amazon. I earn the majority of my publishing income from Amazon, which owns more than 80% of the ebook market. Amazon is a monopoly that no other retailer can compete with. I certainly don’t mind doing business with corporate behemoths. But I also believe in supporting local businesses and mom-and-pop stores (I’m the mom-and-pop store in this particular scenario 🙂 ). So, yes, I will continue to sell my books wherever and however I see fit.

Right now I’m hard at work on Yes, Captain featuring Hunter and Cynara. It’s so good to be back in the world of the Denver Rebels. I look forward to sharing Hunter’s story with all of you in #Rebel Nation!

To those who are new to the Brand Clan series, stay tuned for the reissued Whatever You Like and Any Way You Want It!

As always, thanks for your love and support! Have a fabulous weekend, everyone!!!