UPDATE: Despite the disappointingly low preorders for Be With Me, I’m keeping the Ecstasy Island Series on my long-term project schedule. This means that the series might continue at some point in the future, but I can’t make any promises. Stay tuned.

Thanks again to everyone who has purchased Whatever You Need. The book is still available right here on my website. You can buy Part Two or the Complete Book. As a reminder, you DON’T need a PayPal account to buy the book; you can use a credit card. I’ve been receiving great feedback about the conclusion to River and Morgan’s story. I hope the rest of you will enjoy it as well!

To those who are new to the Brand Brothers Series, the first two books are now available through my website! Whatever You Like was the launch title for Harlequin’s Kimani Nights line. An Amazon Top 100 Bestseller, the book drew both generous praise and blistering criticism for Roderick Brand’s indecent proposal to Lena. Despite the controversy and polarized reviews, Whatever You Like remains my top-selling book of all time. The sequel, Any Way You Want It, features Roderick’s twin brother Remy. His story was less controversial, but just as deliciously erotic. Museum of sex, anyone?

I’ve decided to create a separate newsletter for readers and fans of the Denver Rebels Series. As we count down to the release of Yes, Captain (Hunter’s book), I will be providing free bonus content, sneak previews, and any other news about the Denver Rebels. (I don’t want to clutter people’s inboxes, so newsletters won’t be sent on a monthly basis.) If you’d like to receive updates on your favorite hockey hotties, sign up for the Rebel Nation Newsletter.

Thanks for your continued love and support, family. Whether you read all of my books or just certain series, I appreciate each and every one of you!!!